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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Tonsser?

Tonsser is an app for youth football players of all ages and levels!

If you are playing for fun:
The app lets you join your team with your teammates, input your statistics after each match and vote the man of the match. It’s a simple and quick way to fuel your team spirit and enjoy the sport. You will also have the possibility to browse through football pictures and videos of other players or you can even add some yourself.

If you are planning on pursuing a professional career:
Tonsser lets you join your team and add your football statistics after each match. That way you can get an overview of your performance during the season. With that, scouts have a possibility to see your skills and contact you directly through the app or you can take part in our scouting events with bigger clubs. You will get weekly rankings of the best players in your region, country etc. and you will be able to compare yourself and check where you stand.

What are the different roles?

Players can track their stats and showcase their potential to clubs.

Coaches can manage their teams after passing the validation process.

Supporters have the possibility to track their kid's career and increase their chances by helping them build their football portfolio, with match highlights.

Occupying both player and coach roles in one team is currently not possible. You can nevertheless be a player on one team and a coach on another one.

How does scouting work on Tonsser?

Tonsser Discover, is Tonsser's scouting tool that allows scouts to have access to the statistics and profiles of every player. By adding your statistics after each match, updating your profile regularly and working hard during training sessions, you'll increase your chances for a club to notice you!

We also organise events and trials, and as soon as something is coming up, you will receive a message - so make sure that your notifications are activated!

How can I contact Scouts?

In order to comply with our privacy policy, you cannot contact scouts directly.
They can nevertheless invite you to trials at their club should they be interested.

Please make sure your notifications are activated to not miss out!

I cannot find my club. Why?

It is important that you search for the full name of your club and that you make sure to double-check the spelling. If you play in an age group lower than U13 there is a chance that we don't have your team at the moment.

Still can't find your team? Contact us

How can I contact Tonsser

If you have any issues with the app, i.e. can't find your team, a bug or something related, contact us through the app, so we can look at why the issue is happening for your user.

If you have interest in working for Tonsser, check out our Jobs page. We do not accept any job applications sent to our general inquiries or press contact, so stay tuned for any opportunities on our Linkedin or the Jobs page.

If you have any press inquiries, check out our Press page or contact us at press@tonsser.com
If you have any general inquiries, use hello@tonsser.com